Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sometimes They Argue

Ruby told Ivy, "IVY, you are the meanest little sister in the WORLD!!" 
Ivy said, "RUBY! I'm NOT LITTLE!!!"

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to Basics

When I started this blog a few years ago, I used it mostly as a way to chronicle the events of regular life. 
Over time, I've sort of veered away from that and I realize I miss it.
I go back and re-read some old posts and I see how much I've forgotten of the silly things the kids have said or done.
So I'm going to try to go "back to the basics" a bit and start chronicling again if that's okay with you...even if it's not okay with you. :)

I'll start with yesterday.
Our family was at the Broen Home for church.
(For non-local friends, Broen is a nursing home that also has assisted living.)
We do the music there on the first Sunday of each month.
We so enjoy being there and the residents love to see all the children.

I sang "Does Jesus Care?" then Dennis and I together sang "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" and "What a Day That Will Be."
Linnea had her "solo debut" on the piano, playing "Sweet Hour of Prayer."
She did very well, cool as a cucumber, and made no mistakes!

Even though I had announced at least four times to my crew before we left for someone to please get the diaper bag out of the suburban and in to the van,
three minutes in to the service, I looked around and--you guessed it--no diaper bag.
Mouthing the words "where is the diaper bag?" was met with shrugs from each of my beloved.

You can guess what came next, right?

You're right--Abram pooped.
A doozy.

I began to fervently hope 
"please don't leak...please don't leak..."
Or at least,
"please don't leak to the point where it becomes obvious to everyone that I have been doing this for over 18 years and I still manage to arrive somewhere without an item of essential importance."

After the service, Pastor Ken told us that one of the ladies wanted to buy us dinner in their cafeteria so we stayed for dinner while Dennis, experienced dad that he is, ran to the store quick and came back with the correct size diapers and a package of wipes so Abram could get changed.
(And Dennis even changed him!!)

Mashed potatoes, chicken, green beans and bars were on the menu;
what a gift it was to have our family fed!
We filled two tables but the kids ate well and no one even spilled.
It was a divine miracle, I tell you.

We got home, I took a short nap, and then Linnea and I went to get some groceries.
We got our shopping done in good time while Andrew and Nathaniel watched little folks at home.

We rushed back home, I fed the baby while kids brought in the grocery bags and the pizza was put in for supper.  Dennis and I each grabbed a slice on our way out the door to Bible study.

When we got back home after study, the groceries had been put away, kids had been bathed and jammied, the dishwasher was running and they were in the living room watching the Cosby Show on dvd.

And that was pretty much our day.
Except for all the stuff I didn't mention.

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