Saturday, December 14, 2013

Best Brothers

When Nathaniel was younger he helped me so much with the babies.
He is still very good with babies and little people, but he works outside a lot and also has a job off the farm so he's not nearly as available as he was when he was eight. :)
Christopher is kind of like another "oldest", serving in the same way Nathaniel did when he was younger.
He told me, "Mom, it's kinda like me and Abram are best brothers."
Yeah.  It is.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Little Girl

 This little girl is two years old today.

 She loves Batman.

 So I picked out this Batman doll pillow.

She loves it.
And we love her.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elijah's 7th

I could have called this Ketchup 3 but I think the humor has worn off that joke.
Continuing to "catch up" on my blog, 
here are some pictures from Elijah's 7th birthday.

I scored big on a after-Halloween sale for my super hero boy.
Captain America suit for six bucks?  Yes, please!


 I've taught them to blow the wrapper off their straw.
This ranks among other important life skills with which I've equipped them.

Elijah invited Christopher, Gideon and Josiah to come along on his birthday lunch date.
He chose Burger King With the Slides.
(We have two BKs nearby, one with slides and one without.)
On the way to town, Elijah declared, "This is the BEST--Josiah is my best cousin and Gideon is my best friend!"

It was a very patriarchal group...I was the only girl, again.
Strong Bible names, though!

Abram and Bipper.
They're good buds.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ketchup 2

 As I was saying, I have some catching up to do.
We had Andrew's birthday and the following weekend Dennis sister and her husband celebrated their 25th anniversary along with his ordination into ministry.
A series of circumstances led to us only bringing eight of the kids along for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

 This is Dennis' mom with some of her grandkids.

 Glasses need adjusting?  I think yes.

Diane and Terry renewed their vows that day, too.

No one got carsick and we only had one argument on the way home so it was a good trip.
It was good to be there to witness how the Lord is working in their lives.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Ketchup Post

That was a play on words, that title.
See, what I'm planning is a Catch Up post, but that looks like a boring title.
Nathaniel actually wikki'd the history of ketchup vs catsup the other night.  That was an interesting dissertation.  Fostering a life-long love of learning, we are.
From there, we wondered why the bottle says "tomato ketchup".  
Like, what other kind of ketchup would there be?  Green bean ketchup?  Rhubarb ketchup?  I don't know.   A topic worthy of further research for sure.

Anyway, in November we had two birthdays.  I didn't get the pictures promptly or properly loaded in time to blog about it in a timely fashion.
In an effort to further foster a middle child syndrome for my middle children,
I will now post about Andrew's and Elijah's birthdays a month later.
Their therapist can thank me later--for this and so much more.

Andrew turned 11 years old.
He wanted to have a soft-air gun war with two of his friends.
It was a cold, windy day but that doesn't stop guys in camo with guns--ever.
 The played in the woods and I sent Linnea out with my camera to take some pictures
because cold and windy does stop me.

 Andrew's best buddy Anthony.  I love this picture.

Oh.  And the pet goat.  Her name is Penny.

 Andrew's birthday is always near deer hunting.
He gets some good blaze orange stuff!

And for his future career in the NFL,
he needed some new receiving gloves.

The next day, on his "real" birthday,
he got some Vikings pants.  
They are his favorite team.  Not because of talent but because we live in MN.  
 He also scored some cool Duck Dynasty things--a hat, a season on dvd, and a pillow.
Andrew chose Anthony and Isaiah to come along for his birthday dinner at the Chinese buffet in town.
I felt a tad outnumbered as the only female at our table.

With all the pictures, I'm sure this post may be hard to load so I'll break it into more than one post.
Another ketchup post to come!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Might Watch Too Much Gilligan

Ruby was chattering about something. 
I told her, "Ruby, you speak like Mrs. Howell." She said, "I know! 'Cause I say things like 'Isn't it mahhhvelous, dahhhling?' 
And Mommy, do you know what I wish? I wish that I could have ALLL the clothes that Mrs. Howell wore on Gilligan's Island. OOOOH! We could be like all the people on Gilligan's Island!! But 'cept there's only seven people on The Island, and we've got more than seven in our fam'ly. But Christopher could wear the Skipper's things and--"
I interrupted her. "Really? You think Skipper's clothes would fit Christopher?"
"Ohhhhh, right. Okay..Nathaniel could be the Skipper and Isaiah could be [I'm sure she's going to say Gilligan, right? but no] Mr. Howell--because he's got lots of money!"
Elijah thought about this for a minute, then decided, "I think Isaiah could be Ginger, because he's tall and skinny."

(That is what guys notice about Ginger, right?  That she's tall and skinny?  Yeah, I thought so.)

38 Christmas Food Ideas

Hey---these are some fun ideas.

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