Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elijah's 7th

I could have called this Ketchup 3 but I think the humor has worn off that joke.
Continuing to "catch up" on my blog, 
here are some pictures from Elijah's 7th birthday.

I scored big on a after-Halloween sale for my super hero boy.
Captain America suit for six bucks?  Yes, please!


 I've taught them to blow the wrapper off their straw.
This ranks among other important life skills with which I've equipped them.

Elijah invited Christopher, Gideon and Josiah to come along on his birthday lunch date.
He chose Burger King With the Slides.
(We have two BKs nearby, one with slides and one without.)
On the way to town, Elijah declared, "This is the BEST--Josiah is my best cousin and Gideon is my best friend!"

It was a very patriarchal group...I was the only girl, again.
Strong Bible names, though!

Abram and Bipper.
They're good buds.

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