Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The One About Teeth

Ruby lost her first tooth this week.
By lost, I mean asked Daddy to pull really really hard
while she tried her best not to cry and succeeded.

Now, our kids know all about the tooth fairy
(and Santa and the Easter Bunny and Where Babies Come From)
so they got very excited to help Ruby put her tooth under her pillow
and told me about forty bajillion times that I'd need to
remember to "be the Tooth Fairy" that night.
Even so, it took me two nights to accomplish that.

Pro tip:  I tell them that part of the "magic" is not knowing just when
Mommy will remember!

all this talk about Mommy gathering teeth in the middle of the night
led to recollections of other kids' lost teeth
and then Elijah said,
:"Mom?  Where do you have all my old teeth?  I want to look at them."


At this point, I launched into an abbreviated explanation of how that could
look bad--forensically speaking--if I were to keep a jar full of children's teeth
in my dresser drawer.

So this week we've been hearing all about how everything feels different
when a tooth is missing from your mouth.
She's also been busy making sure everyone notices that fantastic space!
Ahhhh, milestones.

Speaking of milestones,
Cece got her first tooth!
It was a tad bittersweet for this mommy
because it means she's growing up.
I tend to get a bit more nostalgic about some of these firsts
as I get to be an older mom,
knowing that some of these firsts could be my lasts.

Monday, February 9, 2015

This Boy...

This boy...
I'm not sure if it's the cheeks,
 the look of determination,
 the pudgy hands,
 the sweeping eyelashes,
 the mastering of a skill,
 the extra peanut butter,
 or simply that he's mine,
 but man I love this boy
so much.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Sometimes Abram decides one hat is not enough.
A fire truck hat to match his fire truck spoon...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Working Hard

Ivy loves to color.
 Ivy really likes to color
all by herself, in mommy's room, on mommy's big bed,
with her really big coloring book.

And it leaves school time for the other kids so much less...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Protective Instincts

 "Mommy, take my pik-chur!"

 "Now take our's pik-chur--me and Cece..."

"Ohhhhh, that flash hurted her's eyes..."

Never a dull moment.
Not. Ever.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Need to Know

I have been following this case
because I believe it is very important to stand up for every woman’s human right to respectful, non-violent maternity care .
While many don't want to believe it happens,

I've lived it.
Many of my friends have lived it
and continue to witness it in their roles as birth workers.

It's time for it to stop.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweet Cece

My sweet baby turns 4 months old today.
She's seriously the most delicious baby.

 And she sucks her thumb.
Not one of my other children has been a thumbsucker.
I thinks it's adorable.

I mean, look at that--

Monday, February 2, 2015


Sometimes, the days get away from me.
Maybe that happens to you, too?
I begin the day with great (or mundane) plans
and somehow, life happens, and I don't accomplish what I'd hoped I would.

Computer time is pretty far down on the list,
after all the things that must get done, which are followed by the should's.
The if-I-get-a-chance's come last.

All of that to say 
I really would like to write more, I just don't get many chances.

Here we are in February already!
We have some February birthdays in our family;
Isaiah and my mom share a birthday on the 1st.
Dennis' parents hosted us all for dinner yesterday 
to celebrate.
Isaiah went to a movie with his friend Nate later that afternoon.
I knew we couldn't all go do something "fun",
but I was able to send him and a friend anyway. :)
They saw American Sniper 
(which I totally want to see but most likely won't because it comes after the must's and the should's and even the if-I-get-a-chance's).

Andrew got to sleep over with some friends from his book club this past weekend.
One kid puked--too much red licorice--and the re-telling of the event is a thing Andrew has enjoyed.
12 year old boys...

I recently discovered this site.
I choose the brown noise.
Where has this been my whole parenting life?????

Linnea made a fabulous lasagna a couple weeks ago.
Ohmyword, so good.
We don't require black-tie for meal time, 
but Elijah likes to look sharp.
Ruby likes to make a scene.

Linnea makes most of the meals during the week.
She says, "What should I make?"
I tell her and voila! It's like magic! Almost.
I help some but she is quite capable of doing it herself and
I appreciate it more than she knows.

Here is the recipe for the lasagna.
You're welcome. 

Recently, Ruby said "Mom? You were right---it IS a good feeling when your room is clean."
She left, then came Ivy.
Ivy: "Hey Mom! If we keep our room clean for a WHOOOOOOOOOOLE year, would you buy us a caaaaandy bar?"
Me: "Um, YES. Yes, I would."
Ivy ran to tell Ruby the news, giddy, and clapping with excitement.

It lasted a day.

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