Friday, May 16, 2014

An Addition

Our family is planning an addition to our home.
We will be adding two precious feet in late September.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's House--With LOTS of Pictures

 Daddy and Ruby

 Grandpa hid eggs for the grandkids to find.

 Ivy Joy with her collection.

 My dad's 63 birthday fell on Easter Sunday so we had
more than one reason to celebrate.

It was a beautiful day and Abram loved being
free to roam on the grass and sidewalk.

After a delicious dinner,
Grandpa and Linnea got the horses out.
 Elizabeth loves the "ee-hees" (horsies).
All of the children have no fear being atop the horses, whether they be 
big or little.

Ruby on Dusty
Even Daddy was able to help with the handling & riding today.

Christopher helped to keep tabs on Elizabeth.
She wants to "go see" everything and doesn't always 
take heed for her personal safety.
Christopher willingly served as her guardian.

 Uncle Mike and Uncle Aaron
helped little girls with little ponies.

Christopher is quite the young horseman.
Here he is helping Ruby with a boost on to Holly, his pony.

Abram's and Grandpa's birthdays are a week apart so they blew candles out together.
Grandpa kept Abram's inquisitive hands out of the flame. :)

Elizabeth and Auntie Bethany 

Abram got to open gifts from aunts & uncles and Grandma & Grandpa.

 There was a rubber ball at the bottom of this tall gift bag
that he was determined to get to by himself.

Oh, how we laughed to watch him nearly climb inside!


He also got a drum and knew just what to do!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Funny Things Kids Say

As I sat nursing Abram earlier this evening, 
he was nodding off to sleep and had his hand on his forehead, sort of covering his eyes. 
Ivy was next to me and said, 
"Look--I bet he's doing that so he doesn't see your armpit."

Easter Sunday

I didn't get pictures of all of my children on Easter Sunday,
no matter how much I wished I could have achieved that.
Here are some of the younger children.

Christopher and Elijah enjoy dressing alike 
because then people ask if they are twins.
Sometimes they tell people they are.
We went to the store and they picked out these
shirts and pants, and both boys needed new shoes.
They decided to give people an "out" by wearing
different shoes so that people could tell them apart.
(This is just a game they play with people at church.)

Elijah, Christopher, Abram, Ruby, and Elizabeth
Ivy was being a bit slow getting ready that morning
and wasn't ready for a picture yet.

Ruby got blue glasses on the Friday before Easter;
they look super cute on her and lovely with the blue in her dress, too!

Now, I could get a picture of Ivy Joy.
I've found that taking pictures at our church is fun
because the lighting is great!

My handsome Elijah-boy.

Elizabeth Grace

"Mom!  Take a picture of us hugging!!"


Abram Timothy

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And Then My Baby Turned One

So my baby turned one last week.

 What a year this has been.
I know everyone always says something to the effect of "where has the time gone?"
but really, can it be a year already since I met this little boy?

 The day of his birthday was a quiet one; 
thankfully one year olds have very low expectations for their birthdays.
I made it through most of "Happy Birthday" before my tears started spilling over.
His birthday is an anniversary of his birth (obviously)
and his birth is one that changed us significantly.
One day, I'll likely write about it publicly, but I can't just yet.

Abram brings us so much joy--
each and every member of this household is so glad that we know him.
Abram has many people that he loves and who love him.

He doesn't walk independently yet, just around furniture or holding onto our hands.
He has five teeth and his almost-auburn hair forms the cutest of curly wisps above his ears and at the nape of his neck.
He loves to roll a ball back and forth, his favorite thing to do is eat,
he gives hugs and high-fives and the sweetest smiles.
His eyes sparkle and I know he's a happy little baby boy.

Happy One Year Old, Dittle Man.
Mama loves you so very much.
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