Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And Then My Baby Turned One

So my baby turned one last week.

 What a year this has been.
I know everyone always says something to the effect of "where has the time gone?"
but really, can it be a year already since I met this little boy?

 The day of his birthday was a quiet one; 
thankfully one year olds have very low expectations for their birthdays.
I made it through most of "Happy Birthday" before my tears started spilling over.
His birthday is an anniversary of his birth (obviously)
and his birth is one that changed us significantly.
One day, I'll likely write about it publicly, but I can't just yet.

Abram brings us so much joy--
each and every member of this household is so glad that we know him.
Abram has many people that he loves and who love him.

He doesn't walk independently yet, just around furniture or holding onto our hands.
He has five teeth and his almost-auburn hair forms the cutest of curly wisps above his ears and at the nape of his neck.
He loves to roll a ball back and forth, his favorite thing to do is eat,
he gives hugs and high-fives and the sweetest smiles.
His eyes sparkle and I know he's a happy little baby boy.

Happy One Year Old, Dittle Man.
Mama loves you so very much.


  1. Happy birthday sweet abram!!

  2. Happy birthday Abram. You are very loved by so many!!! So thankful I get to know you and your mama!


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