Monday, May 12, 2014

Easter Sunday

I didn't get pictures of all of my children on Easter Sunday,
no matter how much I wished I could have achieved that.
Here are some of the younger children.

Christopher and Elijah enjoy dressing alike 
because then people ask if they are twins.
Sometimes they tell people they are.
We went to the store and they picked out these
shirts and pants, and both boys needed new shoes.
They decided to give people an "out" by wearing
different shoes so that people could tell them apart.
(This is just a game they play with people at church.)

Elijah, Christopher, Abram, Ruby, and Elizabeth
Ivy was being a bit slow getting ready that morning
and wasn't ready for a picture yet.

Ruby got blue glasses on the Friday before Easter;
they look super cute on her and lovely with the blue in her dress, too!

Now, I could get a picture of Ivy Joy.
I've found that taking pictures at our church is fun
because the lighting is great!

My handsome Elijah-boy.

Elizabeth Grace

"Mom!  Take a picture of us hugging!!"


Abram Timothy


  1. Where oh where do you get all these beautiful dresses? Do your kids get themselves all ready? I would have to be up by 4 am to get accomplished what you do!! Amazing and absolutely a family of blessings!!

    1. Hi Kim, Most of the dresses you see the girls in come from Ruby's godparents. They are very generous, and Denise knows that Ruby loves lovely things (and Denise loves picking out lovely things.)
      We TRY (emphasis on TRY) to pick out Sunday clothes on Saturday night--the tights, the dresses and sweaters, and BOTH members of the pair of shoes. :) That is also the time to "discuss" which dress will be worn by whom.
      Ruby and Ivy can dress themselves, but need help with the zipper/buttons in the back, of course. Linnea is a great help to me to get everyone ready in the morning. I try to assign some of the other duties...since all the older guys and Dennis are out in the barn every morning (Sundays are no exception), it is up to the rest of us to be ready and out of the bathroom when they come in. I usually have Christopher and Elijah take on things like making sure everyone has a coat and the boys help each other make sure their hair is combed. A spray bottle of water helps with crazy boy hair in the morning. :)
      And I don't get up very early. I used to, but I don't anymore. I'm getting old. And tired. :)


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