Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's House--With LOTS of Pictures

 Daddy and Ruby

 Grandpa hid eggs for the grandkids to find.

 Ivy Joy with her collection.

 My dad's 63 birthday fell on Easter Sunday so we had
more than one reason to celebrate.

It was a beautiful day and Abram loved being
free to roam on the grass and sidewalk.

After a delicious dinner,
Grandpa and Linnea got the horses out.
 Elizabeth loves the "ee-hees" (horsies).
All of the children have no fear being atop the horses, whether they be 
big or little.

Ruby on Dusty
Even Daddy was able to help with the handling & riding today.

Christopher helped to keep tabs on Elizabeth.
She wants to "go see" everything and doesn't always 
take heed for her personal safety.
Christopher willingly served as her guardian.

 Uncle Mike and Uncle Aaron
helped little girls with little ponies.

Christopher is quite the young horseman.
Here he is helping Ruby with a boost on to Holly, his pony.

Abram's and Grandpa's birthdays are a week apart so they blew candles out together.
Grandpa kept Abram's inquisitive hands out of the flame. :)

Elizabeth and Auntie Bethany 

Abram got to open gifts from aunts & uncles and Grandma & Grandpa.

 There was a rubber ball at the bottom of this tall gift bag
that he was determined to get to by himself.

Oh, how we laughed to watch him nearly climb inside!


He also got a drum and knew just what to do!

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