The Farmer's Children

our first-born son.
Hilariously funny,
incredibly intelligent.

our second son.
Hates injustice,
loves old cars and tinkering on "stuff.".

our first daughter and third child;
a strong girl after God's own heart.

our third son, fourth child.
He is strong as an ox
and his heart is good.

is our fifth child;
when he first said his own name,
he pronounced it "Bipper."
It stuck as his nickname.
He enjoys life more than any child I have ever known.

our sixth child and fifth son.
He feels things deeply,
and loves even deeper.

our seventh child...second daughter.
Her eyes truly are a window to her soul.
She loves all the girly things that Linnea never did.

Ivy Joy
our third daughter and eighth child.
She has helped me remember what a 
high calling it is to be a mother.
She is spirited, headstrong, and determined.
and we love every little bit of her!

our fourth daughter and ninth child, whom we affectionately call "LittleBit".
She has stretched me as a parent more than any of the other children
and I am thankful for what she has taught me.
She loves her baby dolls and "her" kitties.
Most of all, she loves her big brothers and sisters.

Our sixth son, tenth baby.
Heart of my heart.
Sweet baby boy.

Cecelia Corinne
Eleventh child, fifth baby girl.
A precious, undeserved gift.
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