Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Works for Me Wednesday: The Dishes

This could look like we need a lesson in how to load a dishwasher.
It'd be great if I had a working dishwasher, but I don't.
So we use it as a giant dish-drying rack instead.
It (sort of) works for me!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Changes on the Homefront

Things have been quiet here on the blog
even though things been anything but quiet here in our life.

In September our 18 year old nephew Noah moved in with us.

Christopher turned 10.

Linnea turned 15 and I didn't get any pictures. *sigh*

We had our annual family hayride at my parents' farm.

We had our 19th wedding anniversary.

The boys played a ton of football
and we drove to a lot of games.

In October my baby Cece had her 1st birthday
and started walking.

Linnea began to participate in a choir comprised of all homeschooled students that meets once a week.

Isaiah's football team had an undefeated season record.
We made it to every game, sometimes driving some pretty big distances for this farming family.
They won their section championship and made it through to the semi-finals for our state.

Linnea is going out for basketball this year and practice will start soon.
I'm excited for her but will miss her in the house knowing she will be gone often
for practice and games.

Starting in late July/early August, I got "promoted" to work in the barn.
I do the morning milkings now because Dennis has a job in town.
During football season, I also did many of the evening milkings so that we could be on the road as soon as Dennis got home from work.
I used to milk all the time up until Andrew was born so it's not exactly new to me
but Linnea and I have had to really work hard to keep the house running
with me in the barn every morning.
It took some adjusting for everyone
and the boys and I have admittedly butted heads a few times on a few things
but all in all it's been a very positive thing all the way around.

Andrew became a teenager last week
aaaaaand I didn't get any pictures on that day either.
He is really growing up in so many ways.
Today I heard him moving cows in the pasture and thought his voice is sounding more like Dennis' now.

Abram is adding words to his vocabulary daily.
He took his time speaking, but has a lot to say now!
I'm always a little sad when they change the sweet way they say some of their words...
He used to pronounce his name "A-mum" to "A-bwum"---still super cute, but I get nostalgic about stuff like that.

THM (Trim Healthy Mama) is still going well.
I highly recommend it.

I don't know how much total weight I've lost because I've been gaining
some in preparation for Baby #12 who is due to arrive in March.
(the farthest "down" I got was 65 pounds lost)
I have felt quite well this pregnancy, the only "ailment" being fatigue.
I don't know that I can blame that entirely on the pregnancy, though,
as there are several other factors in my life that are likely contributors.

I appreciate all the "checking in" since I've been posting so rarely.
I'm still here...just a tad busier and away from the internet,
perhaps a bit more guarded with what I say.

I cannot quite wrap my brain around the fact that we are almost to double digits in November.
I love the changing of the seasons and I find things to look forward to in each one.
Right now, I am enjoying the coziness of sweaters and multiple cups of tea,
kids with cheeks rosy from the chill wind as they play outside in the dusk before supper,
the quietness of the barn in the mornings
and the brisk wind that dries the clothes so quickly on the clothesline.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

County Fair

I actually remembered to bring my camera along to our county fair this year.
I am finally getting around to posting these pictures.

Elijah showed this little Holstein-Jersey crossbred calf.

 Ruby was so excited about showing this little Milking Shorthorn this year;
it was all she could talk about for weeks.
Then, the morning of the dairy show, all her confidence dissolved in a puddle 
of uncertainty and we were left with this face.
The picture didn't focus correctly, but you can still see what I mean.
She settled in after just a bit of time in the ring.
At her age, 4Hers are required to have an adult with them in the ring.
I have several to choose from, haha.
Nathaniel was Ruby's adult.
(It does sometimes feel weird to me that I have "adult" children...)

 Mr. Christopher had a round of anxiety to begin with as well,
and it was my fault.
His white show pants somehow got left home; I still don't know how it happened
though if I were a betting woman, I'd say it had something to do
with the number of 4Hers I have showing, the number of cows to milk at home before the show,
the number of children I have who are not yet old enough for 4H,
and the number of miles we live from the fair grounds.
It seems likely, anyhow.

 Isaiah has a special affinity for colored breeds of dairy cattle.
This little shorthorn earned him a trip to the state fair.




 Isaiah and Linnea each showed a Jersey

 These two little boys were too stinkin' CUTE.
Abram is in the gray shirt and Colby is in green.
Colby's mama used to show in our county, too.
Full circle...
 Monkey see, monkey do.

 One of my favorite pictures.
Andrew with his dry cow, Ingaborg.

 Monkey see, monkey do. :)

 4H friends!

 Linnea showed Grandpa Wayne's horse Princess.
Between the dairy show, the horse show and the sheep show, 
she kept me moving.

 Cece likes to do "SO BIG".
 baby teeth...

 Christopher and Elijah enjoyed watching the horse games.

Isaiah and Linnea each went to the state fair,
Isaiah with his heifer and Linnea with her sheep.

Only eight months until we do it all over again!

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