Sunday, November 8, 2015

County Fair

I actually remembered to bring my camera along to our county fair this year.
I am finally getting around to posting these pictures.

Elijah showed this little Holstein-Jersey crossbred calf.

 Ruby was so excited about showing this little Milking Shorthorn this year;
it was all she could talk about for weeks.
Then, the morning of the dairy show, all her confidence dissolved in a puddle 
of uncertainty and we were left with this face.
The picture didn't focus correctly, but you can still see what I mean.
She settled in after just a bit of time in the ring.
At her age, 4Hers are required to have an adult with them in the ring.
I have several to choose from, haha.
Nathaniel was Ruby's adult.
(It does sometimes feel weird to me that I have "adult" children...)

 Mr. Christopher had a round of anxiety to begin with as well,
and it was my fault.
His white show pants somehow got left home; I still don't know how it happened
though if I were a betting woman, I'd say it had something to do
with the number of 4Hers I have showing, the number of cows to milk at home before the show,
the number of children I have who are not yet old enough for 4H,
and the number of miles we live from the fair grounds.
It seems likely, anyhow.

 Isaiah has a special affinity for colored breeds of dairy cattle.
This little shorthorn earned him a trip to the state fair.




 Isaiah and Linnea each showed a Jersey

 These two little boys were too stinkin' CUTE.
Abram is in the gray shirt and Colby is in green.
Colby's mama used to show in our county, too.
Full circle...
 Monkey see, monkey do.

 One of my favorite pictures.
Andrew with his dry cow, Ingaborg.

 Monkey see, monkey do. :)

 4H friends!

 Linnea showed Grandpa Wayne's horse Princess.
Between the dairy show, the horse show and the sheep show, 
she kept me moving.

 Cece likes to do "SO BIG".
 baby teeth...

 Christopher and Elijah enjoyed watching the horse games.

Isaiah and Linnea each went to the state fair,
Isaiah with his heifer and Linnea with her sheep.

Only eight months until we do it all over again!

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