Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The One About Teeth

Ruby lost her first tooth this week.
By lost, I mean asked Daddy to pull really really hard
while she tried her best not to cry and succeeded.

Now, our kids know all about the tooth fairy
(and Santa and the Easter Bunny and Where Babies Come From)
so they got very excited to help Ruby put her tooth under her pillow
and told me about forty bajillion times that I'd need to
remember to "be the Tooth Fairy" that night.
Even so, it took me two nights to accomplish that.

Pro tip:  I tell them that part of the "magic" is not knowing just when
Mommy will remember!

all this talk about Mommy gathering teeth in the middle of the night
led to recollections of other kids' lost teeth
and then Elijah said,
:"Mom?  Where do you have all my old teeth?  I want to look at them."


At this point, I launched into an abbreviated explanation of how that could
look bad--forensically speaking--if I were to keep a jar full of children's teeth
in my dresser drawer.

So this week we've been hearing all about how everything feels different
when a tooth is missing from your mouth.
She's also been busy making sure everyone notices that fantastic space!
Ahhhh, milestones.

Speaking of milestones,
Cece got her first tooth!
It was a tad bittersweet for this mommy
because it means she's growing up.
I tend to get a bit more nostalgic about some of these firsts
as I get to be an older mom,
knowing that some of these firsts could be my lasts.

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  1. I have saved all their teeth! What am I thinking?!?! LOL


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