Monday, February 2, 2015


Sometimes, the days get away from me.
Maybe that happens to you, too?
I begin the day with great (or mundane) plans
and somehow, life happens, and I don't accomplish what I'd hoped I would.

Computer time is pretty far down on the list,
after all the things that must get done, which are followed by the should's.
The if-I-get-a-chance's come last.

All of that to say 
I really would like to write more, I just don't get many chances.

Here we are in February already!
We have some February birthdays in our family;
Isaiah and my mom share a birthday on the 1st.
Dennis' parents hosted us all for dinner yesterday 
to celebrate.
Isaiah went to a movie with his friend Nate later that afternoon.
I knew we couldn't all go do something "fun",
but I was able to send him and a friend anyway. :)
They saw American Sniper 
(which I totally want to see but most likely won't because it comes after the must's and the should's and even the if-I-get-a-chance's).

Andrew got to sleep over with some friends from his book club this past weekend.
One kid puked--too much red licorice--and the re-telling of the event is a thing Andrew has enjoyed.
12 year old boys...

I recently discovered this site.
I choose the brown noise.
Where has this been my whole parenting life?????

Linnea made a fabulous lasagna a couple weeks ago.
Ohmyword, so good.
We don't require black-tie for meal time, 
but Elijah likes to look sharp.
Ruby likes to make a scene.

Linnea makes most of the meals during the week.
She says, "What should I make?"
I tell her and voila! It's like magic! Almost.
I help some but she is quite capable of doing it herself and
I appreciate it more than she knows.

Here is the recipe for the lasagna.
You're welcome. 

Recently, Ruby said "Mom? You were right---it IS a good feeling when your room is clean."
She left, then came Ivy.
Ivy: "Hey Mom! If we keep our room clean for a WHOOOOOOOOOOLE year, would you buy us a caaaaandy bar?"
Me: "Um, YES. Yes, I would."
Ivy ran to tell Ruby the news, giddy, and clapping with excitement.

It lasted a day.

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