Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Might Watch Too Much Gilligan

Ruby was chattering about something. 
I told her, "Ruby, you speak like Mrs. Howell." She said, "I know! 'Cause I say things like 'Isn't it mahhhvelous, dahhhling?' 
And Mommy, do you know what I wish? I wish that I could have ALLL the clothes that Mrs. Howell wore on Gilligan's Island. OOOOH! We could be like all the people on Gilligan's Island!! But 'cept there's only seven people on The Island, and we've got more than seven in our fam'ly. But Christopher could wear the Skipper's things and--"
I interrupted her. "Really? You think Skipper's clothes would fit Christopher?"
"Ohhhhh, right. Okay..Nathaniel could be the Skipper and Isaiah could be [I'm sure she's going to say Gilligan, right? but no] Mr. Howell--because he's got lots of money!"
Elijah thought about this for a minute, then decided, "I think Isaiah could be Ginger, because he's tall and skinny."

(That is what guys notice about Ginger, right?  That she's tall and skinny?  Yeah, I thought so.)

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