Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More about my Grandma

To back up a bit, my grandma was diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer in the beginning of May.
In less than three months, this cancer has aggressively attacked her body. She now has a hospital bed in her living room, a make-shift bathroom in the front hall (a curtain rod with a sheet hung on it to give privacy for her commode)--basically we have moved everything to be on one floor and to be convenient for her and for those of us who are caring for her.
Today was a good day. Last night she slept soundly. My aunt along with my grandma's sister have been staying there since Thursday. I go over during the day.
The night before, she was up throwing up basically all night long. Some days are good, some aren't as good.
She has had a fair amount of company, which she really enjoys. She can't be left alone. She does not want to be left alone--she prefers when someone is sitting in the room with her all the time.
People have been coming by to tell her how much they have enjoyed her friendship--to tell her that they'll miss her--to tell her they love her.
They pray for comfort for her pain, and for peace to reign in her house and in her spirit.
And it does.
We have absolute assurance of where she is going. She asked Jesus to be the Lord of her life many years ago.
She's going to Heaven--not because she's a "good person". Not because of good things she has done.
Christ did the work for her. She accepted His gift.
All the good things we do are like filthy rags compared with His righteousness. We can't do a thing to earn His salvation. It's not our work, but His.

It is and has been such a blessing to care for her this past week and a half. I will never forget this time. Ever.
People are concerned about it being a burden for me--I am quick to assure them it is not. It is my honor to care for her when she needs it the most.

She has moments when she says "ohhh...to be so helpless." I tell her that "helpless"would be if we weren't there to help her.
Isn't that what being a family is all about? Helping each other when the need is great?

All the housework that needs to be doing here at my house can wait. Grandma doesn't have much time left. I can clean later.
I will care for her now--while I can.

You only get one chance to do something like this. I want to make sure I have no regrets. I can't go back after she's passed and say "I wish I would have..."

We have VBS this week, so I'd better get the kids a quick bite before we go.

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