Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{Not So} Subtle Hint

"Fold your laundry before you sit down.  Thank you."


  1. something to make your day a little brighter.

    One Tiny Spark

    I do what I do for much more than just money.
    Now to some when they read this it might seem a bit funny.
    I do this for freedom's sake!
    I do this for hope,
    for one and for all at the end of their rope.
    I do this for justice, and a peace that's divine.
    If you so choose understanding takes time.
    I do this for those that are closest to me,
    as well as those others I might never see.
    I do this for I know in my soul that it's right.
    I can no longer lay down, I must stand up and fight!
    I must fight for the truth, for too long I've lived lies!
    I will give life my all and reach towards the skies!
    I must stop being selfish and give this all I've got to help raise others up from the pit where they're caught.
    You might call me a fake, or accuse me of lying,
    But as God as my witness that won't stop me from trying!
    I must die to myself, and help others truly live!
    Hope, love, and encouragement are all I have to give.
    In order to achieve you must first believe.
    A dream cast aside is what makes the soul grieve.
    Let yourself dream once more, ascend from the dark!
    For every burning fire starts with one tiny spark.

    Have a smiling happy day

  2. Don't fold those clothes! That is a wonderful place for a kid to play hide and seek in!
    - Dennis Norby

  3. Nathaniel can't believe I just said that to a pastor...

  4. I don't know if encouraging my wife to not fold laundry is a very pastor like thing to say anyway.

    Dennis F


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