Thursday, December 9, 2010


One of my favorite decorations for our tree
is a set of these beautiful snowflakes
that were crocheted by Dennis' grandma Alma
and given to us as a wedding gift.

I would love to find a pattern for them
and make some myself.
We have 12 of them,
two each of six different patterns.

I love what they represent...
the time she spent stitching them,
how her eyes were failing
and yet the stitches are flawless,
I imagine her "seeing" with her hands.

I think of her making them for her grandson
in preparation for the household he and his wife
would share.

And when I look at them,
I think of her
and her funny little giggle--
she was too cute!
She'd throw her head back
and clasp her hands in front of her.

Do you have precious ornaments/decorations
on your tree?
I'm sure you do--
please tell me about them!


  1. I almost cry every time I put Grandma's snowflakes on our tree. I tell the boys that she made them every year when we decorate. One of them even has a strand of her gray hair caught in the stitches, that's my favorite one.

  2. I have four ornaments that were just mine when i was growing up. One is a wooden cheerleader nicely painted, one of those wooded letter blocks with a clown head on top, and two Precious Moments ornaments that my dad picked out for me when I was a teenager. Also, our tree skirt was made by Grandma Marjorie and was given to us for our first Christmas we were married. I also have a cute music box that plays Jingle Bells that my dad gave me one year when I was about 13, and a cute little figurine of Santa and a snowman with the caption friends forever from my old friend Nick. Many of our decorations have some memory.


  3. One of my favorite ornaments is one from Bettina that we got as our wedding gift and it is holly leaf with a red ribbon that says Feliz Navidad on it. I love how it came all the way from Denmark and from such a special person to me and my family. I always try to have that one at the center of the tree and pretty visible.

    Beth Parker


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