Saturday, December 22, 2012

Twelve Months Old on 12-12-12

'Member how I said I was gonna post pictures of Elizabeth on her birthday?
And then remember how I didn't?
Yeah, me too.

I'm more dependable in real life.
It's a good thing, 'cause, like, if I said I was going to pick you up at 4:00 and then I didn't show up until a week later, that would be bad.
If I said I was going to pick you up at 4:00, I'd most likely be late, but not that late.

So back to my baby's birthday.
She woke up with a yucky nose (I think it was her first) just in time for her "big" day.
Our brand-new one year old!

We had 4-H that morning and a couple quick errands to do while we were in town
so we couldn't do her little party until we got back home.
Here she is after her wardrobe consultant Linnea got her dressed.

She loved the lighting of her candle
and enjoyed the pink frosting even more.

When we moved into the living room to open her gifts,
she was willing to do one of her few "tricks"--
She makes sure to get her arms WAY up there.

After many times being told "no" about the gifts under the Christmas tree,
she was understandably a bit wary of ripping into her birthday wrapping paper.
She seemed to think that using her teeth was a good option, though.

She finally decided to rip the paper after much encouragement from me and the children.

On the Saturday following her birthday,
this girlie got to have another little party with Grandmas and Grandpas.
The candle was equally mesmerizing and she was equally clueless as to what to do when all her siblings were saying "blow out the candle, LittleBit!!!"

She was much more interested in the m&m's on her bar. :)

She loved the stuffed puppy from one set of grandparents

 and tried putting on her pretty new shirt from the other set.

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