Thursday, July 11, 2013

FLY Convention

 Our oldest three children had the opportunity to attend our church body's national youth convention in Estes Park, Colorado.
They left last Sunday evening and came back on Saturday late afternoon.
It was hard having so many capable hands missing from our daily routines, but we are so glad that they got to have some time away.  They had a GREAT time!!

Taken moments before they departed,
Grandpa (standing behind me) actually got Isaiah to smile!!
They had hurriedly done the milking and other chores, zipped through the shower and arrived at church with hair still wet---which is just like how we arrive at church on Sunday mornings. :)

The crew ready to head out on the road for their 14 hour bus ride.
The convention is held every other year.
This was Nathaniel's third time attending, Isaiah's second, and Linnea's first time.


  1. LOVE, LOVE FLY convention!! It made me sad to not go this year. I am so glad your kids had a great time!


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