Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stick Figures

Elijah is our resident artist.
He likes to draw more than just about anything!
Art is by far his favorite subject 
and a reward (sometimes bribe!) for him 
is free time to do art.

Though this picture is rather basic,
it makes me laugh to see all the detail he put in to stick figures.
His initial decision to draw stick figures, he told me, was that 
we have such a large family that he'd have used up a LOT of time
drawing us all in greater detail. Haha!

1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Linnea
4. Nathaniel
5. Isaiah
6. Andrew
7, Christopher
8. Elijah
9. Ruby
10. Ivy
11. Elizabeth
12. Abram
13. Cece 
(with all the sparkle around her, you can tell the baby is especially loved!)

Numbers 14-16 need a little more explanation.
#15 is Grandpa Wayne and on either side of him
are #14 Great-grandma Mavis (his mom)
and #16 Grandma Cindy.
Elijah didn't want Grandma Mavis to have to stand all by herself.

Numbers #17 & #18 are Dennis' parents
Grandpa Gayland and Grandma Harriet.

After giving me time to look over each one and admire his work,
he looked at me with a sly smile, a twinkle in his eye, and said,
"Now, you may notice that I, ahhh, had to draw
Nathaniel and Dad with a little bit, ahh, fuller sticks for their middle..."
as he made a round motion in front of his own stomach.
I laughed and then thanked him for his kindness 
when drawing Mommy and the grandmas
with regular stick figures.


  1. This is super cute! Also, I'm excited to find out you have a blog. :)

    1. Hi Mary Beth!
      I'm happy to "see" you here!


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