Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Linnea's Confirmation

 Linnea was confirmed May 24th.
With the help of my family,
we were able to put together an open house party for her after church.

 Me, Linnea, and Dennis

Our crew.
It was the best of what was taken.

 Linnea with Dennis' parents
Grandpa Gayland & Grandma Harriet

 All the grandparents 

 My parents and my grandma Mavis

 This picture sums up their relationship.

These two enjoy one another's company.


 ~ Elizabeth and Abram  ~
While I was taking pictures after church
these two thought it quite fun to be "up front" in church.

 Linnea's godparents,
my sister Bethany and her husband Mike.
A very nice picture!

Here are the two preceding shots.

 Indeed, a picture worth a thousand words.

 Abram was given a turn with his cousin Wade's camera.
He wanted to be like all the adults taking pictures.

 My brother Aaron is another of Linnea's godparents.


Linnea's other set of godparents,
Melissa and Scott

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