Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas is over

Why are the helpers so much LESS enthusiastic about taking down the Christmas tree than they are when it is time to put it up?

Putting the tree up, I was like chasing them off with a stick!! "Wait, don't put that up yet!" "Ahh! Don't step on that ornament! " "No, the angel goes on last!" "Please, just slow down!" "Look, now, see? You weren't watching and now you broke it!" etcetera, etcetera...

Taking down the tree: "Kids?! Hey, guys? Time to take down the tree.........guys?????"

(on a completely different note, has anyone else ever noticed what a weird word "guys" is? It looks so weird when I'm typing it...)


  1. I can't blame the kids for not being very enthused with taking down the tree. I cna't even get myself to do it!


  2. Hi Melissa.... to answer your question, many Russians live in extreme poverty. They barely have enough food to feed themselves. There is not government assistance like we have here . So, many young women give up their children and babies because they have no means to care for them. Our children were found begging for food at the ages of 2 and 4 years old.


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