Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Other News...

* Elijah fell today and hit his head, really hard.
* Elijah hit Ruby on the head with a plastic plate.
* Christopher finally went potty of his own volition!! (as opposed to because I told him it was time to go...)
* Andrew knocked over a lamp and bent it pretty bad.
* I am nearly out of edible items in the pantry. I also lack the means and the motivation to go to the store to remedy the problem.
* Apparently, Ruby no longer believes naps are necessary during the day. Teeth, maybe???
* It is so cold, the key in the van won't even turn, much less start.
* Somehow, Copper (one of our dogs) got shut in the garage and chewed up Isaiah's barn boots. Isaiah was none too happy, let me tell you.
* Lastly, I'm ready for the day be done NOW, but it isn't...

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