Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brutally Honest

Step back in time 7 years or so...

We had just gotten a bathroom scale.
Isaiah (4 at the time) stepped on and said, "How much do I weigh, Mommy?"
I told him, "48 pounds!!!!!"

He said, "Now you step on it, Mommy."
(Here is the part where I question why I did, in fact, step on the scale. Can Mommys say "my 4 year old made me do it?")

I stepped on.
He said, "what does it say?"
(Here is another part where I think, "why did I tell him?????")

I told him.

You wanna know what he said?

He stepped back, aghast, pointed at the number and said,
"Whoa, Mom! You could'a broke it!!!"

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