Monday, August 17, 2009

This and That

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted something. This is going to be a catch-up post. A bit of This and That.

If you know me, you probably know that my Grandma passed away a week ago. I haven't really felt like blogging about it. I haven't felt particularly witty, or funny, or much of anything. When my Grandpa died, it was very sudden. (He collapsed on a bench on the sidewalk in our small town.) It took me quite awhile to stop crying suddenly after he died.
With my Grandma, it has been different. I think I cried more before she died than after. I spoke with my mom about that. I came to this conclusion: When you literally are holding someone's hand all the way to the Gates of Heaven, I think it's easier to let go.
I watched her make steady progress toward her ultimate goal--Heaven. I got the chance to ask her about her personal decision to accept Christ as her Lord. I watched as she gave up climbing stairs, gave up food, gave up using the bathroom, stopped talking, stopped responding, and eventually stop breathing.
There is no way to describe all that I experienced at her house these past weeks. It was wonderful and terrible and meaningful and life-changing...all at the same time.
I may share more on this as time goes by.

Let's see, what else...well, if you know me you probably ALSO know that we are having another baby in our family! We are all very excited.
I'm due in February, as God sends our children in one of three months.
In order, the children's birthdays go
and now February.
Isn't that a hoot??!!

Many people at my grandma's funeral said, "I'm so sorry...and Congratulations!!"

Generally speaking, I'm feeling pretty well. I'm about 13 weeks, so mostly past the icky part anyway. With Ruby, I pretty much was on the couch for a few more weeks, so I am very thankful to be up and about with very little morning (all-day) sickness.

Today, I had a meeting for our homeschool group board. We left home at about 9:45 am and got back home at about 6:30 pm.
Long day for me with all of the children.

Our kids all played during the meeting and then my kids and I ate our picnic lunch (in the van). After that, we went to the chiropractor and then Andrew had a birthday party to attend.
We dropped him off, went to the library and the recycling center, and then rest of the kids and I went to play at a park--which I never do. Of course, it had to rain. But they didn't care! They played and played on the equipment, got a little wet, but who cares?!

The reason we were killing all that time in town was that we were waiting to attend a benefit for a friend of ours who has cancer. The same kind as my Grandma had, pancreatic.
Cancer touches everyone it seems.

So, now I'm home.
And I really should be getting them all to bed instead of blogging.


  1. Congrats on the baby! I don't know how you do it Melissa. I feel like four is breaking our bank, with all the activities they are a part of. On top of that you homeschool! You must have a heck of a lot more energy than I do. Dang!
    I am sorry about your grandma. Obviously I knew about it all through Tami. Three of my four grandparents died suddenly. My grandma died a slow and painful death from cancer. Well we think it was a recurrence, but she was too thin and weak to explore.
    I know exactly how you feel in both instances, and know that I have been thinking of all of you.
    Now go rest!

  2. I am sorry to hear that a friend of your family has cancer. With all do respect, can I ask who it is? Sending prayers their way. Love you!

    Bethany Parker

  3. So sorry for your loss, Melissa. Also so happy for you that you were able to spend those last few weeks with her, caring for her and giving her the best gift you could give -- your care and your time. What a lasting memory -- what a precious gift. So excited for your growing family! :) See you in a few days at the picnic.


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