Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Roo is TWO!!

My baby Ruby is two years old today.
Here she is in her new dress!
(with her baby, of course!)

I hung it on her dresser early this morning
to see what she would say when she woke up and saw it.
At first she thought it was for Ivy
and so was doubly excited when I told her it was for her!

This girl makes me smile
every. single. day.

Ivy and Ruby

Oh, and Ruby's baby had to have a picture, too.
Ruby said so.


  1. How sweet. Elizabeth wants to know what Ruby's baby's name is? Praying she has a special day!

    p.s. it's my bro's 38th birthday today too.

  2. So far, all of Ruby's babies are named "Baby". I'm hoping she's not into that whole George Foreman thing...

  3. Happy birthday ruby roo! Hope u had a wonderful day and enjoyed wearing your new dress. Love u so much sweetie.

    Love auntie bethie and uncle mike.


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