Monday, September 20, 2010

One of Homeschooling's Great Moments

My kids are so smart.

We were reading a book today called
as part of our Sonlight curriculum.

In the book, the character's "queue" is mentioned.
I was about to explain what that is;
I started with: "Do you guys know what a queue is?  It's--"
and they jumped in with "I know what that is--it's a ponytail;
it was basically their pride."

I was so impressed that they knew this;
I was sure it was because of the excellent teaching they have received,
certain that it was a direct result of having been educated at home.

Thinking it would be from a book, I asked,
 "Where did you learn that?"

Their unanimous, simultaneous response:


1 comment:

  1. So funny! My 7yo homeschooled granddaughter and I were lying on our backs, looking at the stars, when she began to correctly point out various constellations by name. Impressed (as you were with yours), I asked how she'd learned that. She replied, "The stars game on the Barbie movie DVD." LOL


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