Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes and No

Yes, I'm overdue.
No, I'm not "off" on my dates.
I'm certain of both my lmp and the conception date, in case you're really curious.

Yes, I'm aware of the "risks" of being pregnant "too long."
No, I'm not interested in an induction.
Though I have been induced once, I didn't know then what I know now.
You may, of course, choose one for yourself--that would be your decision to make. 
I would rather not--which would be my decision to make.

Yes, I have recently seen my midwife.
No, nothing is "wrong".
Babies come on their own time--not anyone else's--if they are let alone.
My blood pressure is fine, I have virtually no swelling,
Baby's heart tones are great.
There is no reason at this point to intervene.

Yes, I'm overdue.
No, I'm not a very patient person.
Waiting is hard--very hard for me.
Considering that I've been "ready" since about 38 weeks,
and up many, many nights timing contractions,
it is not only physically tiring, but mentally and emotionally tiring.

Yes, I'd really like to meet this baby face to face.
No,  I don't take for granted that, for the time being, I can do something or go somewhere and not have to "worry" about feeding the baby every hour and a half.

Yes, I know I'm overdue.
No, the comment, "You're STILL PREGNANT???!!!" does not help.
What does help is a listening ear, a phone call/text/email/facebook post to let me know you're thinking of me and waiting to hear about the new baby.
I'm a pretty private person (makes total sense that I have a blog, then, doesn't it?)
and tend to get quite introverted as Baby's arrival draws near
so I may not always be up to answering the phone
but I will call you back.

I promise I will post it on facebook
and here on my blog
as soon as Baby comes out to meet us!

Am I ready?
Yes and no.
I have given three of my guys their haircuts; three to go.
I cleaned the garage, but the kitchen floor really needs to be washed.
I'm ready to take a deep breath again.  I've forgotten what one feels like.
I'm ready to be rid of this horrible heartburn.

I'm cherishing the baby's kicks and rolls inside of me;
soon this babe will be rather independent.
I'm lovingly rubbing my big round tummy, knowing that it won't be long until a big round tummy causes me to cry while getting ready for church because nothing fits and the baby's crying to be fed and we're already 10 minutes late.

Yes, I'm overdue.
No, it can't be much longer now until we meet our newest child.


  1. You know I am thinking of you!! Such a special time...enjoy these days because will soon be a memory. Have an amazing labor and delivery experience and enjoy being "in" every moment!! I am praying for you and this little one and can't wait to hear the news!!

  2. Thinking and praying for you and that sweet baby! He or she will come at the perfect time. Hang in there Melissa!

  3. When he/she is ready is the best I agree too. I am looking forward to your special day as well.


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