Friday, May 11, 2012

Bipper Lost a Tooth!!

It had been hanging by a thread for some time, that tooth.
Bipper, with his finger seemingly always in his mouth,
wiggled and jiggled and jiggled and wiggled that tooth.

I tried to pull it, Daddy tried to pull it.
It just didn't want to let go!

During an afternoon of football on the yard,
I heard the front door slam and what sounded like sobs
as Christopher climbed the front steps.

As the mother of boys, I immediately conjured up images replete with blood.

It turns out he was laughing rather incredulously.
A football to the face had knocked that tooth loose!

There was blood indeed, but no tears.
He laughed as he told me how as he dove for the football and
got a mouthful of it instead.
As he stood up, he realized his tooth was out.

We didn't find it on the yard,
but we played the tooth fairy game anyway.
(My kids know about Santa and the tooth fairy.)

Now, instead of his finger always on that tooth,
his tongue occupies the vacated space!

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