Friday, May 25, 2012


 We've been enjoying a balmy spring here lately.
Ivy and Ruby shared a ride on the bouncy horse.

 Elizabeth takes it all in from her perch on my back in the Ergo (a generous gift from a generous friend)
while Ruby and Ivy discuss how to use the rope swing in the background.

 Though it's a bit blurry, I thought you might like to see Ivy "helping" to boost Ruby up on to the rope.
(The attempt was unsuccessful.)
((I double-checked that no one's undies were on the clothesline in the picture.))

 My outdoor-, football-loving guy, 
(We totally scored at Goodwill, finding the shirt for $1.80 and the pants for $1!!)

 The Bipper 

 Ivy Joy gives the rope swing a try.

Did I mention where Elizabeth was?
I did?


  1. Ergos are awesome! What a great gift! Your children are so sweet.


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