Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day One--Part Two: We Arrived

Two weeks ago, some of the kids and I went to visit my brother in western North Dakota.
Here is my post about the first leg of our trip.

My brother lives in the middle of nowhere;
you would never guess there is a house back in there when you are at the end of his driveway.

He had supper ready when we got there 
and had a bonfire planned for the evening.

The kids had plenty of steam to run off, 
and his place was a great one to take care of that!

I only had a bit of room on my camera card and very little battery,
but I walked around a bit and snapped a couple pictures before it got too dark.

Andrew was a good sport for Ivy's demand request to play horsey.

The kids traveled SO WELL.
It was 10 hours from the time I left home till we pulled into his yard.
My brother drives that distance in 4-5 hours.
I really don't even know how that happened,
other than I purposely stayed off the interstate because I don't like driving on it,
and I took some scenic routes that were gravel.
I did have to stop to feed the baby,
but I never once had to stop for anyone to use the bathroom!

We literally took our time, which was my plan--I just hadn't quite planned to take that much time!
We stopped at points of interest,
drove whatever route I wanted on my map,
and made our way there.
I was feeling very independent, and I guess it showed in the time it took me to get there!

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