Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Two--The Missouri River

Uncle Aaron built some bunkbeds just for his nephews/nieces to sleep in--but I didn't get a picture!! 
After the kids wound down that night,
they all slept well.
My brother is a single guy so we were a lot of sound in his house the next morning. :)
His dog, Daisey, was quite accommodating of us.

Ruby was bright eyed and ready to meet the day!

He lives just two miles from the Missouri River
so we headed over there after dinner.

Elijah found a "striped-y" rock!

We were the only ones on the bank of the river.
Christopher ran and ran and ran along the bank

and collected rocks.

Ruby thought the water was coooold!

The boys racing each other.

They asked then if they could change into their swimming clothes
so they could go in deeper.

It was really cold!

Dirty seat!

Miss 'Lizabeth thought the sand was fascinating,
and tasty.

Andrew in the Missouri

We bring a football everywhere
so the boys had one to toss around.

Andrew brought up some goopy sand from the riverbed
and had fun letting it drip from one hand to the other.

We finished our outing there with throwing many rocks into the water
and trying to skip the flat ones.

I could easily have spent an afternoon there by myself--
it was so peaceful and quiet.

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