Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Recommend

I asked your opinion in my first I Recommend post and you encouraged me to do it again, so I am!  I probably would have anyway, but it was nice to see that you agreed. :)

It won't take long for you to see that I live life a little differently than "mainstream" as you see the kinds of things I read and study.

(If these posts are confusing to you, what you need to do is click on the highlighted words and they will take you to the article that I am referencing.)

1)  Thoughts on Sunscreen: Part 1 and Part 2   by Keeper of the Home
During the summertime (and beyond) everyone FREAKS out at me that I don't use sunscreen on my children or myself.  Seriously folks--read these and re-think your slathering habits.

2)  Why skim milk will make you fat and cause heart disease by The Healthy Home Economist
I grew up the daughter of a dairy farmer and became the wife of a dairy farmer yet I never knew all of this stuff either.  The real deal is THE REAL DEAL, people.  Find a local source for your milk.

3)  Raw Milk--Healthful or Harmful by Healthy Families for God
This is why I am so happy to have a VERY local source for raw milk--as in 25 yards from my house--our own tank!

4)  Five Fats You MUST Have in Your Kitchen by The Healthy Home Economist
I've always enjoyed me a lil' butter, but had bought into the lie that it was un-healthy so had always felt a tad guilty about it.  No longer!  I am learning so much about food--REAL food and we are getting healthier for it!

5)  Turn that A/C Off:  Clever Ways to Keep Your Sanity When It's Sweltering.  by Crunchy Betty
I know it's hot outside (and INside, too) but here's something to think about...

Let me know your thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for posting these links! I have always been a butter fan and figured that your body is better able to process natural foods versus chemically-engineered ones. We are also SO excited to be using delicious, healthy raw milk!!! (And hey, supporting local dairy, not to mention good friends, is an added bonus!!!) :)


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