Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Wait

I had the privilege of spending the day with many members of my close and extended family at the bedside of my Grandpa Glen, my dad's dad.

He is very near death; we just wait.

We made the hour-and-fifteen minute trip on Friday night, just Dennis, Elizabeth and me. At that time, my grandpa couldn't have visitors so we just went to my grandparents' house.

Today we were there with all the kids; we brought my guitar and Nathaniel's and after some time there, we took them out to play and sing.

What a sweet, sweet time of fellowship that was!  Singing the old hymns has a way of connecting people in a way like no other.

We don't know if he has hours, days, or perhaps a week.

We do know that he is loved, that he has been and is being well-cared for, and that he will be missed.

My Grandpa & Grandma on their 65th wedding anniverary
November 2011


  1. Sorry to hear this, Melissa. You will have so many wonderful memories!

  2. thinking of you. Death is difficult...goodbye is hard...but it is truly a temporary goodbye....until we see them again. Hearing is the last of our senses to go. What a true and beautiful blessing the sound of you all singing must have been to him. He is blessed to have you all and you are all blessed right back to have him. Prayers to you all!


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