Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Recommend

  • Use olive oil as an eye-makeup remover.  It works--and it's good for you!
  • I also recommend that you check out  the Healthy Families for God facebook page.  "Like" their page and every day you will see her incredibly informative posts.


  1. Thanks. I need to do a post like this too. I've got lots to recommend!

  2. I like your third bullet point! Kinda threw that in there.

  3. Ok, went and read the first bullet point. GREAT information. Some of things I need to put in place, like #10 ;)

    1. Ha!! Every one of those, I was either like, "guilty" or "AMEN, Broth-a." :)

  4. Great recommendations! I really loved the first one, also! I think it is a great thing for everyone to read, and I think a lot of those things can be applied to our kids as well. (Particularly saying positive things versus negative, etc.) Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)


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