Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Morning...

In the morning, I'm singing for the funeral of the little girl I mentioned in my earlier post.
Her mama asked me to sing the same song that I sang for her daddy's funeral nearly eleven years ago, "We Shall Behold Him."

If you are so inclined, I would covet your prayers for tomorrow.  I've sung for literally hundreds of funerals, but some are harder than others and this would definitely fall into that category.

Most importantly, I would ask you to please cover the Turner family with prayer--not just for tomorrow (an especially physically and emotionally taxing day) but in the weeks ahead, as well.


  1. Melissa, I will be praying for you! In our weakness He is strong. I pray He will use you mightily tomorrow. We have been covering the Turners in prayer morning, noon and night and will continue to do so. They are such precious, dear friends and family in Christ.

  2. Melissa, We'll be praying for you today and also the Turner family.

  3. I've never prayed more in my life than I have since that horrible Sunday morning when we heard and saw the chopper fly over. I will continue to pray for the Turner family in the days, weeks and months to come. I am so sorry for your loss as well, Melissa. I am thankful for you in Marla's life.

  4. You sang so strong and beautifully, Melissa. Knowing it was the song you sang at Scott's funeral made it all that more meaningful. Thank you for giving us that gift of being able to pray for you so you could be strong for Marla. You are a precious woman of God!

  5. Having been praying for the Turner family everyday, many times a day, since the accident. My heart just breaks for each of them. I can't imagine how difficult it was today, but what a blessing you are to this family.


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