Friday, November 16, 2012

To Catch Up (Along with Some Ketchup)

In typical middle-child fashion, Andrew and Elijah didn't get their very own birthday posts--
neither here on my blog nor on facebook.
At least in this family there are several other middle children with whom 
to share the cost of therapy when they're adults.

I'm finally getting a chance now to post some catch-up pictures.

We celebrated Andrew's 10th birthday earlier this month, see?

He was satisfied with the little tiny bar I cut for him.

We learned that day that LittleBit loves suckers

and that she insists on one for each hand.
Ivy shared hers with her baby sister.

We celebrated Elijah's that day, too, as he & Andrew have birthdays ten days apart.

Loaded cheeks for all those candles!

The one-and-only picture I got of any of my family deer hunting.
This was Andrew's first year--he was VERY excited.
Dennis, Nathaniel, Isaiah, and Linnea each got a doe.
Andrew will have to wait for another year. :)

Elijah actually did turn six, see?
It will help me in the future to remember how old they are in the picture so I have them hold up the correct number of fingers on their birthday morning.

Later on the day of his real birthday, we had a little party with "just us".
His favorite gift was his very own bottle of ketchup.
Look at his face!!

I took a picture of this baby belly at roughly 14 weeks, which was a couple weeks ago.
The children occasionally comment that the baby is growing!
I seriously don't know how other women take belly pictures--
either the flash was completely reflective in the mirror or I wasn't looking in the right direction at all
or you could see the toothpaste smeared on the counter or you get the idea.

There--I think I'm a bit caught up.
Now, back to that laundry...


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