Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Wish My Bathroom Smelled Like


That's what I wish my bathroom smelled like--nothing.

Because if my bathroom smelled like nothing, then that would mean that it didn't smell like a dirty diaper left in the garbage.

And if it smelled like nothing, then it couldn't smell like a lit match
which means someone did something stinky.
(I won't buy commercial air fresheners--I call them cancer-in-a-can.)

If my bathroom smelled like nothing, then it wouldn't smell like wet towels left on the floor.
And it couldn't smell like someone should have lit a match, but didn't.

Sometimes my bathroom smells minty,
but that's only when Ivy's been extravagantly loading her toothbrush...and the counter...and the towel she used to wipe it all up...and then left on the counter.

I wish my bathroom smelled like nothing. 


  1. :) This brought a big smile to my face. We use matches to clear the air too. No cancer in a can for us either.

  2. Ditto on the matches, and also on the whole wishing the bathroom smelled like nothing. :)

  3. I dont like chemicals either, esp with a hypersensitve child. Have you tried hidong a box of bicarbonate soda with some vanilla dropped in it somewhere in the bathroom, even a pretty vase or something?It might help a little. <3


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