Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Boy

Tonight I met someone I've loved for a long time.
Abram Timothy is here.
His birth is quite a story; I'll share it soon.

Abram Timothy
7 lbs. 13 oz.
19 inches
6:13 pm


  1. Congratulations!! He is beautiful!!

  2. Yeah! Hopefully you and baby are doing well! Can't wait to read the story! Get some rest :-)

  3. He is so sweet! And I thought he was going to be a girl, lol
    LOVE his name and look forward to hearing his birth story. Those are my favorite!

  4. Such a cutie!! And he looks so much like your other little ones! :) Congrats!! Can't wait to read the whole story!! Praying for peace and love to wash over you now!!

  5. Congratulations!! He is SO adorable! Can't wait to come over and snuggle him!

  6. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Sooo happy for you!! I love the name too. Give that lil man a hug from the Holen family! Hope you get some rest. Enjoy the sweet memories you are making each moment of the days.


  7. He is soooo precious! Do you think he looks a little like Ivy? Hope you are resting and healing. Love you all!


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