Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the News

In the news (at our house) this week:

* Dairy Farmer Cuts Wrist on Large Piece of Steel, Requires Mad Dash to Clinic and Seven Stitches,
Hosts Family Gathering for Dinner the Same Day

* Mother of Ten Deals with Acquired Torticollis While Oldest Daughter and Her Capable Hands Are Away at Bible Camp

*  Farmhouse Has No Air Conditioning and Yard Has No Hose (yet).  Children Make-Do Pouring Bottles of Water Re-filled from Hydrant on to Trampoline in Effort to Stay Cool

*  Rural Mother Convinces Children "Thirty Percent Chance of Rain Means It Probably Won't Rain at All".  Children Believe Her, Sleep in Tent & Are Rescued By Heroic Father in Torrential Downpour at 5 AM.

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