Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bipper Had a Birthday

Bipper had a birthday.
(Why do we call him Bipper?  Read here.)
He turned 8 years old last week.
We gave him a SuperMan t-shirt.
 I think he liked it. :)
We like super heroes around here.

 He was mildly impressed with his Vikings hat.
Perhaps more than mildly impressed. :)

 Elijah was the lucky boy who went in to Wal-Mart with Nathaniel a couple weeks ago
and came out with a Superman shirt that Nathaniel bought for him.
Christopher wished and wished that he could get one for his upcoming birthday.
These boys are often asked if they are twins; they think that's funny so they purposely dress alike to increase the incidence of that question.
Dressing alike in Superman t-shirts is just gravy.

 Per our "tradition" we have pizza for birthday suppers.
The birthday kid also gets to go to town for lunch on their birthday at the restaurant of their choosing (within reason) and they can pick a buddy to accompany them.  Christopher chose Andrew and Elijah so those three boys plus Abram and me met Grandpa Gayland and Grandma Harriet at Pizza Ranch.
While we were gone, Linnea decorated his cake.

This boy is just such bright spot in our lives.
We are so proud of him and so glad he is ours.

He came to me before he headed to bed the night of his birthday.
He leaned his head on my shoulder, sighed, and said,
"Today was a good day.  Thanks, Mom."


  1. He is the sweetest boy ever! We are excited to see him and all of you on Sunday!

    Auntie Tammy

  2. Ahhhh, what a sweet boy, indeed!


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