Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh Yeah. I Took These.

I mentioned that Isaiah and Linnea were at the 
Minnesota State Fair
but I didn't post these pictures about the day they loaded up to go down to the cities.

 Elijah & Christopher (sort of) posed by Isaiah's goat for me.

 I didn't adequately account for the sun in this shot,
but Cocoa is all like
"Yeah.  I'm all that."

 Excited for FIVE DAYS away from Mom  home!

The girls and Elijah thought it was great fun to have free reign of the show arena
while we waited for the semi to arrive so the animals could load.
My younger ones only ever see the arena when it's packed with people and animals 
so this was a fun time for them.

the semi arrived & the loading began

 Hey, there's almost a smile on that boy's face!
Again, the whole "five days away from Mom" is rather exciting.
Lately, I think I'd like to have five days away from me, too.

They had a fabulous, exhausting time,
came home, slept for two days, and everything's back to our normal I guess.

Dennis and I are pretty sure there are many more years of State Fair trips ahead of us!

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  1. His ice blue eyes are amazing. Who needs to smile when you've got those?! ;)


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