Saturday, September 20, 2014


Our boys (and girls) enjoy football so much.
Our boys especially play ball on the yard a LOT.
They understand every inch of the game.
I do not.
But I get a kick out of their love for the game!

This year, it was made possible for Andrew and Christopher to play on a youth team.
Thankfully my oldest boys and my in-laws are willing to help drive them to practice and home again.

Watching these boys enjoy this sport on a team has been SO FUN.
Christopher, slightly built as he is, came home from the very first practice and said, 
"Some of the kids asked me if I was really old enough to play football because I'm so small.
And the coach said, 'You're a little guy....but I've had little guys do big things.' "

This is a picture from the first game day, September 6th.

~warming up before the game~
That's my boy in the middle, kicking his legs high!

Getting just a little nervous...and it was a warm morning, so he needed a little drink.

Christopher says it's hard to buckle the helmet once the shoulder pads are on,
so his coach is helping him with it.

aaaaaaaaand his shoes. :)

See that face?
That's the face of a boy who just got his first TACKLE.
Remember how I said those boys doubted him for his size?
This guy got EIGHT tackles that day!!
His coach told him "You're a MACHINE!!!"
We watched the other boys who had sized him up as too small
start to pat him on the back and thump him on the shoulder pads....
he was having the best time!

During half-time, I heard the coach say, 
"If you want to learn how to tackle, watch Christopher."
Such fun praise!
This kid is the smallest on the team by quite a ways but he plays big.

Christopher's game was at 9:00 and then we got to watch Andrew's team at 10:30.
He's number 44 and is warming up in this picture.

Christopher and his friend and two of his coaches watched the older boys' game from the sidelines.
Bipper stayed "tuned in" for the entire time.

I didn't get any good pictures of Andrew during his game because
he was always on the far side of the field.
But I did manage to get this one of my dad and him
after the game.
Those are some proud faces right there. :)

Andrew was named one of the captains
which makes us very proud.
He is a leader on his team and he's doing great things!
He got his first touchdown last night at a game
along with several tackles.
We are excited to see what the remainder of the season holds!

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  1. Ethan gets called dynamite. Because that comes in a small package but had a lot of power! I love seeing this football post, makes me smile!


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