Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Ruby had a Birthday

Ruby was born on Labor Day 2008.
This year, her birthday landed on Labor Day again.
It worked out well because we could have the grandparents 
over for supper on her actual birthday
because my parents had the day off from work.

Her godparents were also able to come for supper
and they brought her this lovely dress (among others)
and lovely PINK necklace.

 She needed new tennis shoes
and Grandma Cindy picked out the perfect pair!

 Her very own water bottle--
that the boys won't borrow!

This outfit is what we gave her--
it matched her new shoes perfectly.

On Monday (her birthday) I told her that we'd go outside and take some birthday pictures.
We kept spinning our wheels trying to clean the house in preparation for company
and then it clouded over and I just ended up telling her we'd have to do it the next day.
The sun was out and she and I had fun with these.

Ruby Kathryn--6 years old.

She wanted to be sure we captured her shoes. :)
She said over and over again that turning six was the best birthday EVER.


  1. Happy belated Birthday to such a sweet and tender hearted little girl!

  2. Did you get your camera fixed then? Great pictures! Happy birthday Ruby!

    1. A friend had a lens she was no longer using and she GAVE it to me.
      An answer to prayer, for sure.


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