Monday, November 17, 2014


Wasn't that funny?
That one time?
When I said I'd post pictures of Nathaniel's graduation?
Back in JUNE?
I'm the only one laughing?
And it's the fake "heh, heh" kind of laugh?
And I should quit ending all these sentences with question marks?

So our oldest son graduated from our homeschool
this spring.
We hosted an open house at our church in June to celebrate.

My super amazing friend Monica made the cakes.
One "silly" 
(Nathaniel loves Batman movies.)

And one "serious".

I was busy with food and hostessing
so I asked Linnea to "take a bunch of pictures throughout the afternoon."
She said, "Of what?"
I told her, "Of people, of Nathaniel, of the grandparents, the guests,
just...random pictures of the day."

We decorated the tables with pictures of Nathaniel

The pictures I asked Linnea to take?
These are it.
I have no picture of our oldest son with us, his parents.
No photo of our whole family.
No grandparents.

I shouldn't say these are it.
I also have about four selfies of Linnea and Abram.
note to self:  you get what you pay for.


  1. Congratulations Nathaniel! Miranda will graduate in May. Maybe I should pay someone to hang out at her open house and take a ton of pictures? Let me know if you have any more tips for me.


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