Friday, November 14, 2014

Last Football Game

Christopher and Andrew participated in football this year for the first time.
They practiced two nights a week
and had games on Saturday mornings,
4 in September and 2 in October.

I made it to every game in September
but as you may recall
Cece was born on the first Friday night in October
and I just wasn't up to attending a football game the next morning.
I know what you're thinking--
some Amazon warrior princess would have been,
but I don't think her kids play organized sports so your point is moot.

As I was saying.

The last football games for their season
were on the home field and it was a lovely morning.
A little chilly, but the sun was shining and my parents were along to
help me with the little people watch the boys play.
(Who am I kidding?  It was both.)

Ivy, Elijah, and Ruby were more interested in the dirt pile behind the bleachers 
so they played with another boy there.

This is Linnea's super-good friend Amy who had slept over at our house the night before.
She's Elizabeth's super-good friend, too.



Bipper has a bit of strut when he wears a uniform.

Christopher's game was first
so Andrew had time to hang out with us.

I'm not really sure how my baby boy
grew to have the build of a linebacker but,
well, it happened.  (#44)

Football games are long.
And can get boring if 
a) you don't understand the game
b) you have no interest in understanding the game
c) you're cold
d) you're Ruby or Ivy
e) just a and b
f) only d
g) all or most of the above
h) I never was good at multiple choice

Bipper's totally into the 
"make a funny face" picture.

Oh look--there's my dad.
(upper left)

Elijah really hopes he gets to play next year!

Good thing she keeps her nose clean.
My dad used that figure of speech all the time when we were growing up.
Here, I mean it figuratively and literally.
Abram doesn't keep his nose clean,
figuratively nor literally,
but he's in the blurry background so it's not as obvious.

A happy, happy, guy.

I'm excited to see what next year's season holds for these boys!

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