Monday, December 22, 2014

A Baptism and a Birthday

When I started this blog,
I intended it to be a journal of sorts, a family scrapbook,
a way to share some pictures of my adorable children with family & friends,
and sometimes a place to share some of my thoughts.

Lately, it's become more of a photo-essay type of thing;
I've not written many words
nor documented much of our life.

I'd like to return to more of my original purpose--
I'll work on that...

I've done this type of post many times,
and now will do so again:
in order to do a little catching up....

Cecelia was baptized on December 7th.
My mom made her gown.

 Our friends Knut and Gretchen are her godparents.

It ended up being a rainy-icy-snowy morning
but we all arrived safe and on time.
(When Ruby was baptized, a freak October blizzard made its appearance;
we went in the ditch on the way to church
and were a 1/2 hour late.)

I served dinner for our family after church with the help of my parents and siblings.
We also celebrated Elizabeth's 3rd birthday.
 My uber-talented friend Monica made this cake for me.
(I forgot to get a picture before it was cut.)

Big cake.
Little girl.
She was absolutely tickled with this cake!

 She calls this her "birs-day baby" (birthday baby)
from her godparents, Pastor Mark and Sara.

 Our Cecelia with Knut and Gretchen's daughter Silje

 Look closely--
it's Ivy Joy in the balcony!
Get it? 
(I'd like to recreate this picture, but it'd be best with a 50mm lens
which I don't have but want really bad.)

 Cece with my parents.

with Dennis' parents

Here is LittleBit on her real birthday, Dec 12th.

Turning "fee"

We had Christmas with Dennis' side of the family on Saturday
and the kids' Christmas program yesterday but I haven't loaded the pictures yet.
Maybe tonight?  Maybe.

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