Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Blessed: This Guy

I haven't done a post like this for quite awhile.
Gretchen usually does these
so I'm linking up with her.

I want to tell you how this guy blesses me.
 Andrew turned 12 last month.
He and Abram are best friends.
When Andrew wakes up, the first kid he looks for is Abram.
And vice versa.

 Abram is obsessed with taking Andrew's hat.
He thinks he is SO foxy when he has it on and Andrew doesn't!
It's Andrew's work hat, so it's only off of Andrew's head if he's inside--
a win-win for Abram:  Andrew and Andrew's hat.
 Andrew is very patient with little ones.
Andrew can handle Abram when he decides to "go boneless"
which is what Abram does when the world does not go his toddler way.

 Abram knows he's always got a guy
who will play ball with him, race cars, shoot imaginary guns (and react accordingly),
snuggle on the couch, or give him a drink of pop...

....oooorrrrrrrrr wrap tape on his wrists and a strip on his forehead
so he looks like a superhero after he's spilled said pop all down his shirtfront
and then bring him to Mom to make growly tough-guy sounds
while roughing around in the living room.
Yep--Andrew's the guy for that, too!

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