Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa Wayne

My dad is probably one of THE silliest people I know.
And today is his birthday!!

It has been
one of the great joys in my life
to watch him be Grandpa to our kids.
The above picture is one of my favorites.
Dad and Andrew were being silly at Christmas--
it was taken a few years ago.

The children know that Grandpa will do just
about anything to make them (or Grandma, or just about anyone, really)

He is the man responsible for teaching Nathaniel
his first sentence.
You'll never guess what it was...
"Mine ga-pa is won-ful"
translation: My Grandpa is wonderful.

He is the consummate tease.
Oh, the banter between Grandpa and grandchild!!!
His "thinning" hair just isn't sufficient to
cover how shiny his head gets
whenever he talks about his grandkids.

My dad LOVES his family;
each and every one of us!!
And we do our best to love him right back.

This is of Grandpa and Ruby when she was
just a couple months old.
Where has the time gone??


  1. love this...you look like him!! What great memories you have!!

  2. You are right about your dad...he makes everyone SMILE!!!!


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