Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So We're Not the Only Ones

Sometimes the way we live our life can feel a bit isolating.
Not everyone feels the same way that we do regarding children and letting God determine our family's size.

So it can feel downright lonely.
Like we are the only ones who feel this way.

And then I read a post like this one and I think

"So we're NOT the only ones!"

Go ahead and click on over to Courtney's blog.


  1. I totally agree!! Since i am kinda new to do you do the whole linking to other peoples you do on your. when you underline it and then when i click on it, I go directly to that post you are referring to? I can't figure it out. I wanted to do a post and refer to yours. Thanks for the help my friend!!

  2. Here ya go, Kim--
    when you are writing your post, up on that tool bar sort of thing, you'll see a green globe-with-a-paper-clip looking thing. That's the "add a link" button.
    I usually have another tab open to the post I want to link to at the same time that I am writing my own post. Right click and copy the address bar contents of the post you want to link to, then click that green globy thing. Right click in that space and paste the address there. And voila!!
    Let me know if that's confusing...

  3. thanks...i gave it a try..I think I got it to work!!


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